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Chester Wood Flooring love all things wood

At Chester Wood Flooring we love all things wood related, and with the world being home to more than 23,000 different species of trees we have plenty to keep us interested.

Uses of wood

Trees far outdate humans, and it would seem that as soon as mankind came along it became one of our oldest and most relied upon natural resources. Helping to keep us safe, and warm, we have used if for fuel, tools, weapons, building, furniture, paper and more. The benefit of using wood compared to metals such as Steel and Titanium is that most wood is strong and firm, but is also light and more flexible making it the perfect material to use.


Today however, it is the woods natural beauty that makes it such a popular choice for our interior design, using it on our walls, floors, and in our furniture bringing a touch of nature inside. Every piece of wood is different to the next, just like everybody’s fingerprint is different from the next, making every person unique, and equally every piece of wood.


We love wood 

Chester Wood Flooring are aware that every piece of wood we use then brings its own charm and uniqueness into our homes, with different grains and textures and colours and knots, it really is a beautiful yet versatile material. Until I worked for Chester Wood Flooring I had no idea about the diversity of wood – Did you know that there is a Red Oak that has such has a large open grain that you can blow smoke through the wood end to end, and that the White Oak has such a tight grain configuration that even water couldn’t pass through it – that is why you will find so much Oak being used in and outside our homes.


At Chester Wood Flooring we love all things wood related, it is our passion for and understanding of wood and the complex nature of it that drives our knowledge and care of it, not just giving you the opportunity to buy a new floor, but to let us restore and repair a floor that you may already have back to its original beauty.


We are experts and enthusiasts in our chosen field, and we invite you again to come down and have a chat and a look around at our extensive displays, contact us here, or keep up to date with us on our Facebook.

Chester Wood Flooring


Fantastic job done by Chester Wood Flooring, the whole team were very informative from start to finish- Thank you! – would definitely recommend

| Rachael Matujza

Really pleased with our refurbished floor. Excellent and friendly service

| Adrian

Jo and the team were absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. From selecting the right flooring for our baby’s nursery, to popping over to measure ant a time that suited us, and even Ian fixing our wardrobe sliding doors!! They’ve been perfect throughout and we could not recommend them enough.
Thank you so much and we’ll be back!

| Lowri Hadlow

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