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Winter weather and caring for your wooden floor

Winter weather and caring for your wooden floor…

as March starts and the weather continues to blast us with cold air and snow,

it made me think about how we protect our beautiful wooden floors from all the wet and sludge and grit we carry in on our feet.

Caring for our floor is important so as to maintain it, protect it, and preserve its beauty.

 It is perhaps a good idea to use mats or rugs (with moisture free backings) at your entrances to reduce dirt and abrasive materials such as grit, salt and gravel being brought into your house and scratching your floor.

Wood and water don’t mix very well, so It’s not a good idea to clean your floor with a mop and bucket.

If you have under floor heating, you should have it turned off as the heat generated through the floor will dry it too quickly and leave streaks.

Don’t use steam cleaners as this also uses heat and water on your floor leading to possible long term damage.

Avoid using vinegar and soap based cleaners as they can dull your floors finish, and leave residues.

A light mist of hardwood floor cleaner should be enough – we like and stock Bona floor cleaning kits in our showroom.

Using a vacuum cleaner is great way to remove dirt from areas such as corners and cracks, however,

use caution as hard edges on the heads and wheels may damage your floor.

You should try and give your floors a good dust or sweep daily,

preferably using a machine washable microfiber mop as this is your best defence against dirt causing possible scratches,

and the electrostatic action will attract dirt and common household allergens rather than just pushing them around.

With any luck before long we won’t be worrying about grit and cold,

but brushing away freshly fallen cherry blossoms from our neighbours’ trees

and dust particles glistening in the spring sunbeams. In the meantime, keep the heating turned up and feet well wiped!

Winter weather and caring for your wooden floor


Jo, Paul, Nick and team were impeccable from start to finish. We experienced a few hiccups initially due to no fault of ours, or theirs (bad workmanship in a job we had done to the floor previously), however the team dealt with everything with professionalism, giving us lots of support, and definitely made a tough job look easy.

It even meant they had to compromise themselves a little along the way, and for this we are very grateful. They are all genuinely lovely people and couldn’t do enough for us.

We trusted them implicitly throughout with both their thoughts and ideas, and with the keys to our house. The floor speaks for itself in the quality and finish; it is absolutely outstanding. No words can describe how happy we are with how it looks. We couldn’t have wished for a nicer or better company to make our first house feel like our dream home.

This company deserves every bit of custom it gets and we can’t recommend it enough. Thank you for everything!

| Callie Turner

Excellent service from the moment we walked into the store. Jo and Paul were superb to deal with and we are delighted with the result of the work carried out. Highly recommended!

| Jane Mcloughlin

Just to say how wonderful the floor in St Deiniol’s Church now looks! Who knew that such a beautiful floor was under all that muck!

You have done a fabulous job and I can’t thank you enough. I hope everyone brings their slippers from now on… don’t want to spoil!

| St. Deiniol’s Church

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