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Solid wood flooring compared to engineered wood flooring

Solid wood floors and engineered floors look the same once fitted. There is a wide range of colours and finishes available in each, but engineered flooring has a bigger range of options. 


With solid wood the amount of usable/sandable flooring is approximately 6-8mm before you get down to tongue and groove. With engineered flooring, the veneer thickness ranges from 2.5mm to 6mm thick. This means you have more millimeters of sandable floor depth with a solid wood floor than an engineered one, but actually, the difference is not that big.


Solid wood can be used anywhere except rooms of high humidity and temperature, solid wood moves; it expands and contracts.  Engineered wood is more stable. If you want a natural in a high humidity room then engineered wood is usually a better option for you.


In terms of resources,  a 5m long log of hardwood will make roughly 95 square metres of solid wood floorings , where as an engineered wood floor of the same log will make roughly 750 square metres.


Contact us or visit our showroom and we can advise you on the best option for your needs. 


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Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring in Chester


The whole process has been a complete delight – The flexibility from the entire Team during a period of uncertainty has been impeccable. And the finish is out of this world!

| Dan and Scarlet Williams

Very happy with the work done by Chester Wood Flooring, they’ve done amazing job repairing and restoring our parquet flooring – friendly service and a great price too. Would definitely recommend!

| Robert Stephens

Excellent service thanks – from choosing the engineered boards, once the showroom re-opened, through to installation on the date originally advised, Jo and Paul have proved their worth. A truly flawless performance!

| Mark Richards

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