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Wood Floor restoration and maintenance

Keep your floors beautiful

If you are blessed with beautiful wooden floors in your home at some point in its life it will need some TLC. Proper wood floor restoration and maintenance is key to keeping them looking great.


Wood as a material

Wood is a beautiful, yet complex and variable raw material, composed of many substances such as cellulose, sugars, and Lignin, all organised in such differing patterns that they result in a non- uniform raw material.


It is these differences and variability that add to its beauty, creating attractive and eco-friendly floors for our homes.


Wood floors, unlike other materials such as synthetics, plastics, metals, and ceramics, don’t use large amounts of energy in production.


Furthermore, unlike deforestation where damaging carbons are released into the atmosphere through burning, the trees harvested for wood floors are installed into our homes leaving the carbon in the tree.


As a natural product, wood floors are also easy to maintain and can last lifetimes, needing to be replaced less than other alternatives.


For more information on Wood Variation and Wood Properties click here.


Wood floors in your home

If you are fortunate enough to have wooden floors in your home, whether a traditional period property or a fresh new modern home, a hardwood floor can add character and style, however, even the most robust and resilient materials will need some TLC and maintenance periodically.


Like everything in life, time eventually takes its toll, and although strong and durable your wood floor will eventually need some restoration as overtime, heavy footfall and general wear and tear will begin to show on your floor.


That’s where we come in – with over 25 years’ experience, we offer an extensive range of floor restoration services, catering for all wood floor types.


A new lease of life 

Whether your floor requires repair, replacement or simply sanding & finishing, we can help bring your floors back to life using the latest technology in dust-free machines.


We can replace missing and damaged parquet blocks or broken timber and damaged floorboards, and source carefully selected reclaimed floorings such as oak, pine, Douglas fir and teak.


We provide specialist floor restoration services throughout Cheshire, Wirral & North Wales, assuring the best possible service in the North West.


We care about every detail, as we are passionate about what we do – there is nothing quite like bringing a wood floor back to life!


The Beauty of Restoration

From this video of examples of our restoration work, it’s easy to see why we find giving new life to an old floor so satisfying.



If you’re not sure what your old floor might need or whether it can be restored, then give us a call to arrange a no-obligation visit and quotation from us.


We will carry out a full survey and discuss your personal requirements.


Sometimes it’s worth having a look what’s under your carpets!

wood floor restoration and maintenance


Fantastic job done by Chester Wood Flooring, the whole team were very informative from start to finish- Thank you! – would definitely recommend

| Rachael Matujza

Really pleased with our refurbished floor. Excellent and friendly service

| Adrian

Jo and the team were absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. From selecting the right flooring for our baby’s nursery, to popping over to measure ant a time that suited us, and even Ian fixing our wardrobe sliding doors!! They’ve been perfect throughout and we could not recommend them enough.
Thank you so much and we’ll be back!

| Lowri Hadlow

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