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Why Choose A Laminate Floor?

Why choose a laminate floor?

Laminate should not be compared to wood as better or worse, it should also not be thought of as inferior, 

it is a different product with its own qualities. The two main differences are that wood is most likely to be a lifelong product,

whereas a laminate floor will look newer for longer but will ultimately need to be replaced in time. If cared for correctly a good quality laminate has the potential to still look new for up to 20 years and is a good choice for your home if you are looking for something a little more hardwearing and don’t want to break the bank. 

What Are The Benefits Of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a multi – layered synthetic product fused together by a lamination process and is created to look like wood floors or other natural substances such as stone or marble with a photographic appliqué layer under a clear protective layer.

With the recent leaps in technology giving us an extra level of realism and authenticity,

and the choices of beautiful patterns and colours we can have both beauty and resilience.

Regardless of the robustness of a laminate floor it still needs a good cleaning practice. We should be mindful that wood and water don’t mix well and if you have underfloor heating you should turn it off as it will cause your floor to dry too quickly and cause streaks.

Steam cleaners should be avoided too! – as heat and water may cause long term damage in the boards.

Try to avoid using soap or vinegar based cleaners as they can dull your floors finish. We would advise a light mist of laminate floor cleaner.

So in a nutshell a good quality laminate floor is durable, versatile, resilient, attractive, and great value.

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Fantastic job done by Chester Wood Flooring, the whole team were very informative from start to finish- Thank you! – would definitely recommend

| Rachael Matujza

Really pleased with our refurbished floor. Excellent and friendly service

| Adrian

Jo and the team were absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. From selecting the right flooring for our baby’s nursery, to popping over to measure ant a time that suited us, and even Ian fixing our wardrobe sliding doors!! They’ve been perfect throughout and we could not recommend them enough.
Thank you so much and we’ll be back!

| Lowri Hadlow

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