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Kahrs is featured at Chester Wood Flooring

Kahrs is perhaps one of the oldest wood floor manufacturers in the world, with a long history that has helped to shape the wood floor industry into what it is today, dating back to 1857. Furthermore, their Swedish heritage characterises everything that the company stands for, from excellent quality and design to concern for the environment.


Conscious Manufacturing


As with many of the wood floor manufacturers that we choose to display, Kahrs is a company that cares for the Earth. As a result, their multi-layer construction utilises the wood as efficiently as possible and ensures all their wood waste such as bark and sawdust goes to the local energy company, supplying over 6000 Swedish homes a year with energy created from recycled wood.


Importantly, over the years they have continually revised their work processes to have a minimal impact on the environment, and due to this has introduced a number of manufacture and floor innovations that have enabled a more responsible, green production.


Read more about Kahrs Green Conscience here.


History of Kahrs

Kahrs was founded as a family business and the accumulated wood knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation.


Founded in Nybro, deep in the heart of a Swedish forest – a region known for its wild beauty, rugged scenery and dense forests, Johan Kähr set up a woodcraft shop. Today, 160 years later, their operations are still based in the same small, rural town.


A large percentage of the raw materials used to produce the wood floors still grow next door, in an area rich in oak and where more trees are planted than harvested.Consequently, today their floors can be found in homes, offices, shops, hotels, concert halls, theatres and sports arenas all around the world.


They offer hundreds of different styles of wood floors from 1-strip to 3-strip, from light to dark, made from different species and with various surface treatments, offering beautiful, innovative and functional wood floors.


To see a selection of Kahrs floors why not visit our showroom and see for yourself just how stunning they are, or contact us for more information.

Kahrs of Sweden Da Capo Collection


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